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Case Study: Deep Tissue Massage To Help Lower Back Pain, Mr S Muhammad, Crawley

Case Study: Deep Tissue Massage to help lower back pain, Mr S Muhammad, Crawley

The problem 

Mr S Muhammad recently attended our Crawley massage centre with lower back pain. As the owner of a DIY store and a key member of staff, he frequently spent an entire workday on his feet behind the counter or helping customers. As he was required to stand all day at work, he needed to be able to do so without pain. 

Many people will suffer from lower back pain throughout their lives, especially as they get older. Standing for long periods can increase pressure on your spine and back muscles, causing spasms, muscle strain, and stiffness. Bad posture can also create further stress for your back and put you at risk of back injuries and pain over time. 

The treatment 

We discovered that the cause of Mr Muhammad’s pain was expensive tension built up in the buttocks and legs that led to further stress being placed on his spine when he stood or walked. To combat this, we used deep tissue massage as this allows us to work the tension out of muscles more effectively than other methods of massages. 

Deep tissue massage involves applying sustained pressure on muscles using slow deep strokes, enabling us to target the inner layers of muscles and connective tissue. This technique can help increase blood flow to the area and work out any tension. 

In Mr Muhammad’s case, a deep tissue massage was able to stimulate blood flow to his back and legs to improve mobility in his joints and assist with his posture. This also helped relieve the buildup of tension in the muscles there and loosen the area so that it didn’t feel so stiff. 

Alongside massage therapy, we were able to recommend Mr Muhammad keep to a gentle stretching routine and light exercise, such as yoga, to help improve his range of motion. 

The results

Immediately following massage therapy, Mr Muhammad saw a definite improvement in his lower back pain. Over the next few weeks, his condition continued to improve until he was able to stand a full day at work without any pain or discomfort at all. 

Mr Muhammed continues to visit Jing Mai Crawley Massage Centre for regular massages to ensure the tension in his back and legs remains at a minimum no matter how long he stands.

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