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Case Study: Deep Tissue Massage To Help Frozen Shoulder, Mr D Barker, Crawley

Case Study: Deep Tissue Massage to help frozen shoulder, Mr D Barker, Crawley

The problem

We recently met with a customer who was struggling with a frozen shoulder that was affecting his ability to carry out his job as a baggage handler at the local Gatwick Airport. 

Frozen shoulder is a common condition that affects 1 in 20 people where the connective tissue around the shoulder joint becomes inflamed, leading to stiffness and pain. In some cases, the pain can be debilitating and affect your ability to carry out your daily tasks or even your job.

Unlike many other conditions we help with, frozen shoulder is not a result of an injury but can come on very suddenly. Our customer first noticed the condition when he woke up with a lot of shoulder pain

The treatment

To tackle Mr Barker’s frozen shoulder we used a combination of massage techniques aimed to put pressure on the muscles and encourage relaxation, including deep tissue massage techniques. Frozen shoulder responds very well to regular massage therapy as it increases blood flow to the area that assists with mobility and ‘frees up’ the joint. Regular massage therapy can also help with any swelling associated with frozen shoulder.

We also advised Mr Barker to stick to a stretching routine in between his regular massage therapy sessions. These stretches included: 

  • Pendulum swings using a light dumbell
  • Hand-behind-back stretches
  • Towel stretch
  • Cross body stretches 

Although it is normal to want to rest a painful shoulder, it’s best to keep the joint active with gentle stretches. A regular stretching routine gets the joint moving and increases blood flow which can help improve your range of motion and decrease pain. 

The results 

Mr Barker’s pain was reduced steadily over the course of the treatment. After 4 massage sessions, there was a notable improvement to Mr Barker’s condition. The shoulder joint had ‘thawed’ meaning he had nearly full range of motion, and he was able to get back to work and keep up with a light exercise routine. Just 3 weeks later he made a complete recovery. 

Mr Barker continues to be a regular client of Jing Mai and attends frequent massage sessions at our Crawley massage centre.

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