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Chinese Massage Crawley

Jing Mai Chinese Massage

Jing Mai is a asian massage centre of excellence when it comes to all types of European and Asian massage, especially Chinese massage. Based in Crawley, our team of fully trained massage therapists can help to provide relief for all manner of ailments, including frozen shoulders, knee pain, sciatica, neck pain, or even migraines caused by hypertension.

Our team at Jing Mai train other Asian massage therapists across the UK. This is testament to high level of knowledge we possess and the exacting standards they adhere to. Our Chinese massage is sought after, hence the large number of customers who return and visit us on a regular basis. Come in and experience a Jing Mai massage for yourself.

What does Chinese massage include at Jing Mai?

Chinese massage is similar to traditional Western massage techniques in that the muscle and soft tissue is kneaded to relieve pain and tension. However, the core of Chinese massage, or Tui Na massage as it is known in the West, runs deeper than that.

Tui Na massage is upheld by the belief that through the manipulation of the meridian systems, they can encourage the flow of energy otherwise known as “qi” and blood to flow more fluidly through the body. “Qi” is said to animate not only the body but also the entire world. Traditional Tui Na practitioners like our massage therapists at our Crawley Massage parlour aim to clear any blockages in the body that would inhibit the flow of “qi” to restore energy and balance to the body.

Chinese Massage Parlour - Crawley's best Asian Massage

Benefits of Tui Na Chinese Massage

Chinese massage can remove layers of emotional stress while breaking down scar tissue, increasing range of motion all while making space for pain-free relaxation.

Other benefits of this type of Asian massage include:

  • Renewed energy, vigour and strength
  • Reduced lower back pain
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Lowered hypertension (blood pressure)
  • Releasing and opening of frozen shoulders
  • Relieved rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
  • Increased immunity
  • Improved sleep
  • Healthier organ function
  • Improved respiration and circulation
  • Released lactic acid build ups (good for athletes and post-workouts)
  • Improved injury and surgical recovery

Traditional Chinese massage is also likely to work on your jin, which is the soft tissue that connects the body and affects the flow of “qi”, and work on acupoints across the body to aid in providing the ultimate relaxation. The aim of Tui Na massage is to realign and rebalance your body’s energy so that you leave your massage session feeling your best.

Tui Na massage differs from traditional Western massage techniques in that the massage therapist will knead, dig, knuckle and maybe gently pluck at your soft tissue. They may even hammer or vibrate your back, perhaps even walk on it. Chinese massage can be more intense than other massage techniques, and if you are unsure about opting for this massage technique perhaps a more relaxed Swedish massage is the better option for you.

Chinese Tui Na massage techniques date back thousands of years, and our professional massage therapists are more than capable of performing a relaxing and beneficial massage.

Cost of a Chinese Massage at Jing Mai Crawley

Our pricing for our Tui Na Chinese massage service is as follows:

  • 30 mins Tui Na Chinese Massage = £35
  • 60 mins Tui Na Chinese Massage = £55
Professional Chinese Massage Crawley, West Sussex

Why choose Jing Mai Massage for your traditional Chinese Tui Na massage?

With over 100 years of combined experience, it’s no wonder that Jing Mai Massage has become one of the leading Asian massage services in the UK. Most of our staff are trained at our professional Tuina massage training centre. Customers can rest assured knowing that they are in safe, steady hands. You can trust our professional masseurs to take care of any aches and pains you may have while you sink into a blissful state of relaxation.

Customers can come to our Crawley massage centre and have a consultation with their private massage therapist to devise a therapy session perfectly tailored to suit their needs.

Book your Chinese Tui Na massage at Crawley Massage Centre

At Jing Mai Massage, we work to deliver top quality service to all our customers with an Asian massage session tailor made to each client and their needs. As Crawley’s leading massage centre, our team of professional masseurs are all qualified and have undergone extensive training in order to provide top of the line service.

We provide a variety of different massages and massage techniques, each designed for a different style of relaxation and to target tension in different ways.

We offer:

If you live around the Crawley and are interested in a traditional Chinese massage, or in any of our other treatments, please feel free to get in touch with us and one of our professional masseurs will be more than happy to help you. If you have any specific concerns, or areas you’d like to target then please let us know. We can tailor a massage treatment session just for you. We are conveniently located in Crawley town centre and look forward to seeing you soon.

Frequently asked questions

What to expect from a Chinese full body massage?

Chinese massage therapy manipulates soft tissue through kneading, pressing, and stretching your muscles. A slow start helps increase blood circulation, and the pace and pressure increase to release tension held in your muscles. Some treatments may even include acupuncture. 

Due to the repetitive motions, it is normal to feel sore after your Chinese full body massage.

What does a Chinese massage include?

Chinese massage therapy includes the pushing and pulling of your muscles, joint manipulation, realigning and twisting the spine, and working on acupoints to invigorate and energise. 

If you’re interested in a Chinese full body massage in Crawley, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

What is the difference between Chinese massage and regular massage?

Chinese full body massages are typically more intense than regular massages. They aim to not only relax your body but to heal it by regulating the flow of energy, or qi, throughout your body. Chinese massage uses pressure points to stimulate energy, whilst regular massages focus on releasing tension through more generalised manipulation of tissue.

Our massage centres in Crawley are experts in many forms of massage, including Chinese massage, with plenty of options to fit your individual needs.

Is Chinese massage like Thai massage?

Chinese massage and Thai massage both aim to regulate the energy flow throughout your body and mind, but the techniques can differ. Thai massage is often compared to yoga due to the way it stretches muscles out gently. Chinese massage uses hand techniques to deeply work acupoints and regulate qi within the body. It is often more intense than a Thai massage. 

We offer both Chinese and Thai massages at our Crawley massage centre, so don’t hesitate to contact us to determine which is right for you!

Do you wear clothes during a Chinese massage?

Typically loose-fitting clothes that you can easily move in, such as jogging bottoms or leggings, are great for a Chinese Massage. Heavy jeans or jackets may need to be removed to ensure our practised massage therapists can access your muscles. 

Where oils are used, you will be required to remove the clothing in that area or as much as you are comfortable with. Your underwear will always stay on! 

If you have any concerns about what to wear for your Chinese massage, please contact our Crawley massage centre!

What not to do after a full body massage?

To get the most out of any of the massages we offer at Jing Mai Massage Crawley, ensure that you don’t

  1. Shower immediately after the massage. This is to allow time for the oils used to be absorbed by your skin, and washing them off too quickly can leave your skin feeling dry and stop you from reaping the full benefits! When you do shower after your massage, it’s best to avoid overly hot showers, as cold showers are best for pain relief and preventing your muscles from tensing up again.
  2. Hit the gym. After massage therapy, it’s best to allow your body and mind to relax! An intense workout following a massage may lead to increased muscle soreness or injury. 
  3. Ignore your masseuse’s advice. Your masseuse may give you some specific stretches to do following your massage to prolong the great feeling for longer.
  4. Drink alcohol. Alcohol can cause inflammation and hinder tissue recovery that may be needed after an intense massage.
  5. Drink Caffeine. Caffeine’s stimulatory effects can undo the deep relaxation experienced during a massage.

What body parts should be avoided during a massage?

This tends to vary from person to person based on their individual needs. Any broken skin, including cuts or burns, will be avoided in a massage, along with varicose veins. 

Anything that is typically concealed by a bikini, like genitalia and breasts, should always be avoided. 

Our experienced massage therapists work with a range of clients with diverse needs and requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact Jing Mai Massage Crawley if you have any concerns or queries. 

Do I take everything off for a massage?

What clothing you wear (or don’t wear!) during your massage depends on the type of massage therapy you are receiving. Thai and Chinese therapy often require loose clothing that doesn’t hinder your range of movement. However, for full body massages, deep tissue massage, and Swedish massage, it is usual for clients to remove all clothing except their underwear. 

It is important that you feel comfortable during your massage. For any specific enquiries or worries, please contact us!

Why can't you shower after a massage?

It’s advised that you don’t shower up to an hour after your massage to allow time for the oils used to be absorbed into your skin. This enables you to receive the full benefits of your massage. 

It is also advised to have cooler showers following a massage to prevent muscle stiffness – especially if your massage has left you feeling a little sore. If you are prone to low blood pressure, a very hot shower immediately after a massage can sometimes make you feel faint.

Is Chinese massage deep tissue?

The Chinese massage we offer at Jing Mai massage, Tui Na, is a deep tissue massage. Like other deep tissue massages, Chinese massage uses kneading, stretching, and pushing techniques to relieve tension.

If you are interested in a Chinese massage in Crawley, or any of our other deep tissue massages, please contact us!

What parts of the body is full body massage?

A full body massage tries to target as many places as it can. Typically a full body massage involves the back, feet, legs (including the glutes), arms, hands, shoulders, and head.

What is the difference between Thai and Chinese massage?

Chinese massage is the more intense massage, with its focus on targeting specific acupoints through kneading, pushing, and even hammering motions. 

Thai massage is often a gentler approach. It is sometimes referred to as assisted yoga due to its use of stretches to relieve tension. 

Our trained professionals at Jing Mai Massages are experienced in both Thai and Chinese massage. 

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