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5 Mother’s Day Treats – Give The Gift Of Relaxation.

5 Mother’s Day Treats – give the gift of relaxation.

Nothing says “I love you, Mum” like a massage. This year, give your mum the gift of relaxation with one of these five special Mother’s Day massages. We want to make sure your mum is pampered from head to toe, so feel free to choose from our array of massages. Whether she need a head and shoulder massage, a full body massage and even Chinese massage therapy, we have something for everyone. As a Mother’s Day treat, all these treatments are 10% off!

Head and Shoulder Massage

This is a great option for mothers who experience pain and tension in their neck and shoulders that builds up through stress. Mums are notoriously busy balancing work, kids, and their own lives. Our head and shoulder massage will relax the muscles around the skull, neck, and shoulders while providing relief from aches and pains while simultaneously helps improving circulation throughout the neck area so that your mum can get back to feeling her best self.

Back Massage

Mother’s often have hectic schedules that leave them exhausted at the end of each day. Help ease your mum’s stress with our back massage treatment which will target key areas in her back where she may be experiencing minor aches or pains due to muscle tension or poor posture. This treatment will help reduce stress while boosting circulation throughout her entire body so she can feel refreshed and energised!

Full Body Massage

If you want to go all out this Mother’s Day, then why not treat your mum to a full body massage? This treatment is like an MOT for the entire body and focuses on relieving built up tension by targeting pressure points from head to toe using various techniques such as kneading, tapping, and rubbing. She will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after this ultimate pampering session.

Foot Massage

Sometimes it is hard for busy mums to take time for themselves; give her an excuse by gifting her a foot massage! Our foot massage targets specific points on each foot which helps promote overall well-being by stimulating circulation throughout the rest of her body. Think about how much time your mum spends on her feet all day –she must be tired, and her feet deserve some love too.

Chinese Massage Therapy

For those looking for something truly unique to gift their mother’s, our Chinese massage therapy is just what they need. Relax and recharge your batteries with this ancient practice utilises traditional Chinese medicine principles combined with modern technology to provide targeted treatments specifically tailored towards relieving pain or increasing energy levels depending on what your mum needs most! Plus, it includes aromatherapy oil that helps create additional calming effects promoting relaxation throughout her entire body.

Show your mother how much you appreciate everything she does by giving her one (or more) of these five special Mother’s Day massages! From head and shoulder massages to full body massages and even Chinese massage therapy – there is something here for everyone! Don’t forget that all these treatments are 10% off in honour of Mother’s Day – so make sure to take advantage before March 19th! Give your mum the gift of relaxation this year – she deserves it!

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