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Benefits Of Facial Massages

Benefits of Facial Massages

Facial massages gently stimulate various pressure points in your face to encourage blood flow. The calming, tranquil treatments take around half an hour and are a fantastic source of relaxation, helping you release the stresses of day-to-day life. The massages are guaranteed to bring you a sense of peace, leaving you refreshed and ready to face the day. As an added benefit, facial massages also keep the skin and muscles of your face healthy and strong.


Facial massages for stress

Facial massages are fantastic remedies to the stress of modern living. From the workplace and social life, stress causes a lot of unnecessary strain. As stress compounds, it introduces a variety of unwanted conditions, both mental and physical. Mentally, stress can play a role in anxiety and insomnia, just to name a few. Physically, stress can cause cardiovascular diseases, accelerated ageing, and menstrual problems.

Relieving stress through facial massages is a great way to cultivate and maintain a calm mindset. The relaxing sensations of facial massages also release serotonin, promoting healthy sleep patterns and consequently boosting your mental state. Serotonin has been linked with general happiness and healthier, longer living. Getting a weekly or bi-weekly facial massage soothes the stress out of your life, helping you stay consistently refreshed.


Facial massages for beauty

Alongside the fantastic benefits of stress-relief, facial massages provide an array of benefits to the skin and muscles of your face. The increase in blood flow oxidises your facial features, helping you keep your skin healthy and vibrant, as well as reduce puffiness.

Facial massages cause a brighter skin tone and appearance. Massaging your face muscles keeps your facial structure sharp, helping you look younger. Facial massages not only help your mental health by reducing stress and all the harmful implications that come with it, but it also rejuvenates your face to a wonderful standard. It is recommended to get weekly or bi-weekly facial massages to maintain strong, healthy facial features.


The solution

Jing Mai Massage Parlour offers expertly done facial massages performed by highly trained professional masseurs. Our soothing massages guarantee to uplift your day, helping relieve your stress to improve your daily quality of life. Furthermore, Jing Mai’s relaxing facial massages are done with such a high level of expertise that you can rest assured you will experience the beauty benefits. You can books yours as a standalone treatment, or in combination with a Chinese, Thai or Swedish massage.

Let us treat your stress and your worries. Our five-star service is trusted by loyal customers who are consistently satisfied with our service. You can book your facial massage over the phone or you can just walk into our massage parlour and book an immediate appointment; we work for your convenience. Make Jing Mai’s facial massages a part of your weekly or bi-weekly routine in order to ensure a high, stress-free, and youthful quality of life.

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